Search In Events

The period searched extends over 100 years into the past and 32 years into the future. 
All calendars will be displayed after startup and approval for access. By selecting a calendar you get to a sorted list of past events in this calendar. Reading in the events can take a few seconds if there are a lot of them.
Search in the past is the default and can be switched to search in the future in the upper right corner. The future events will then be loaded for browsing.
When entering the search text, all loaded events are searched, more precisely their date, description, location and notes. If you want to search by date, you must enter the search text in YYYY-MM-DD format.
All loaded events can be displayed and edited in detail.

Questions like

  • When was the last time I was at…?
  • When was I in …?
  • When did …?
  • How often …?

can be answered easily from now on.

With this App the calendar can also be used as a diary or logbook. The best way is to create an own calendar for this purpose in the calendar app.